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British Gold Coins For Sale

british gold coins for sale

    gold coins
  • A gold coin is a coin made mostly or entirely of gold. Gold has been used for coins practically since the invention of coinage, originally because of gold's intrinsic value.

  • Coin minted in gold, such as the American Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf.

  • Gold dollar | Quarter Eagle ($2.50) | Three-dollar piece | Half Eagle ($5) | Eagle ($10) | Double Eagle ($20)

    for sale
  • purchasable: available for purchase; "purchasable goods"; "many houses in the area are for sale"

  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.

  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

  • The British (also known as Britons, informally Brits, or archaically Britishers) are citizens of the United Kingdom, of the Isle of Man, one of the Channel Islands, or of one of the British overseas territories, and their descendants.

  • Of the British Commonwealth or (formerly) the British Empire

  • the people of Great Britain

  • The Britons (sometimes Brythons or British) were the Celtic people living in Great Britain from the Iron Age through the Early Middle Ages.Koch, pp. 291–292. They spoke the Insular Celtic language known as British or Brythonic.

  • Of or relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, or to its people or language

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Extremely rare denarius of Caligula's fourth consulship, which only lasted from 1 January 41 until his assassination on 24 January- Caligula and Divus Augustus. 37-41 AD. Denarius, 3.71g. (3h). Lugdun

Extremely rare denarius of Caligula's fourth consulship, which only lasted from 1 January 41 until his assassination on 24 January- Caligula and Divus Augustus. 37-41 AD. Denarius, 3.71g. (3h). Lugdun

Caligula and Divus Augustus. 37-41 AD. Denarius, 3.71g. (3h). Lugdunum, 41 AD. Obv: C CAESAR AVG GERM PON M TR POT IIII COS IIII Laureate head of Caligula right. Rx: GERMANICVS CAES P C CAES AVG GERM Bare head of Germanicus right. Reverse type apparently unlisted for this issue.

Extremely rare denarius of Caligula's fourth consulship, which only lasted from 1 January 41 until his assassination on 24 January, and with a new reverse type for the issue. Giard, Lyon (1983), p. 145, knew no aurei of Caligula at all dated COS IIII, and only four denarii, one in Oxford with reverse Divus Augustus, two in Vienna and Mazzini with reverse Agrippina I, and one in a Bourgey sale of 1913 with reverse SPQR P P OB C S in oak wreath. BM 32 may be a second denarius with this last reverse type, but the reading of the dates in the obverse legend requires confirmation. Our Germanicus reverse type, previously unknown, thus completes the expected set of four denarius reverse types for Caligula's final issue of January 41. The obverse die of our denarius appears to be different from those of BM 32 and the four coins reported by Giard.

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A Unique, Magnificent, and Important Roman Gold Medallion of 5 Aurei of Constantius I (293-306 C.E.), From the Famed Arras Hoard

A Unique, Magnificent, and Important Roman Gold Medallion of 5 Aurei of Constantius I (293-306 C.E.), From the Famed Arras Hoard

Constantius I, as Caesar, 293 - 306

Medallion of five aurei, Trier circa 295-296, 26.15 g. FL VAL CONSTANTIVS NOBILISSIMVS C Head r., wearing lion-skin headdress. Rev. MARTI - V - ICTORI Mars walking r., carrying transverse spear in r. hand and trophy over l. shoulder; in exergue, TR. RIC 31. Cf. Kent-Hirmer pl. 150, 586 (this obverse die). P. Bastien and C. Metzger, Tresor de Beaurains, 223 (this coin). J. Shulmann, Onbekend Gouden Medaillon van Constantius I Chlorus 292-306, te Trier geslagen, Jaarboek van het Koninklijk Nederlansch Genootschap van Munten Penningkunde, 1983, pp. 80-82. A. Baldwin, Four Medallions from the Arras Hoard, NNM 28, pp. 20-32, pl. ii (this coin). Pink, NZ 1931, p. 33 (this coin). Depeyrot p. 151 (this coin). Toynbee, pl. IX, 3 (this coin). P. Bastien, Multiples d'or inedits du tresor de Beaurains, dit d'Arras, Bulletin de la Commission Departmentale des Monuments Historique du Pas de Calais IX, 1973, p. 241. Evans, NC 1930, p. 243.

Unique. A marvelleous coin of great beauty and importance,
bearing a beautiful portait of Constantius Chlorus.

Struck on a broad flan in high relief, area of weakness on reverse,
otherwise about extremely fine

Ex J. Schulman, private sale to J. W. Garrett, October 1923 and NFA-Leu, The John W. Garrett collection, 1984, 918. and Spink 13.4.2000, The Dr. Anton C. R. Dreesmann Collection of Ancient Coins, 93 sales. From the Arras hoard.

The rendering of Hercules-emperor on this five-aureus medallion from the famous Arras Hoard is noticeably different than that on the eight-aureus piece of Maximian (lot 244). Though both medallions were struck at the western mint of Trier, this one predates the other by at least seven years, which explains the stylistic differences. Constantius I 'Chlorus' ("the pale" - a surname applied posthumously) was hailed Caesar in March, 293 along with Galerius; it was at this moment the Tetrarchy - the rule of four - was founded. But it was not for folly: the empire was under siege on many fronts, and Diocletian and Maximian agreed that two rulers were not sufficient to deal with the threats, real and potential, that faced the empire. Constantius, then in his early or mid-forties, was immediately put to work on the task of recovering Britain and the much of the Gallic coast from the usurper Carausius, who six or seven years ago had founded the Romano-British Empire. An earlier attempt by Maximian in 288 or 289 to oust Carausius never materialized, and now that he could delegate the task to his new Caesar, Maximian thought the time right to make a fresh attempt. From the outset the campaign was a success, and Constantius managed to expel Carausius from his Gallic seaports and at the same time began construction of a fleet for the anticipated invasion of Britain. When Caraiusius finally abandoned his struggle to maintain bases on the continent, he sailed back to Britain and was murdered by his minister Allectus. The crafty minister succeeded his victim as 'Augustus' in Britain, and it was he who suffered the fatal consequences of Constantius' naval expedition. With the defeat of Allectus, Britain returned to Roman hands. Such a victory would be the crowning glory at the end of a reign, but Constantius earned it early in his career. Not surprisingly, a series of commemorative gold medallions were struck in honor of this monumental victory, which had made the empire whole again. Among them was this piece, which eventually was buried as part of the famous Arras Treasure. Constantius is shown wearing the scalp of the Nemean lion, a reference to the Greco-Roman hero Hercules. This was appropriate not only because of the Herculian task the new Caesar had undertaken, but more directly because he was Caesar under Maximian, whose patron was Hercules. The style of the image is more formal than that on the medallion of Maximian listed earlier in the sale, and the hair and beard of Constantius are considerably more pronounced. The reverse is somewhat anachronistic, recalling earlier types of Aurelian and other soldier-emperors. Its inscription, "to mars the victor," is appropriate both to the type of Mars advancing, and to the military victory it commemorates.

NAC24, 252

british gold coins for sale

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